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Exotic Dance Central is the center of exotic dance styles from around the world that are strikingly and charmingly different. We push and create boundaries for adults to express and empower themselves without judgement with adult dance classes NYC!

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No Matter What Field Of Dance You Choose Exotic Dance Central’s Training Is The Key To Your Return On Investment Offering The Best Adult Dance Classes NYC!


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Adult Dance Classes NYC - Pole Dancing

Adult Dance Classes NYC – Finding Your Inner Goddess – Pole Dancing


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Since 1999 Exotic Dance Central has been providing the essential principles of exotic dance through dance classes, dance workshops, private dance lessons, private dance parties, dance teacher trainings and dance performances by offering the best adult dance classes nyc!


Exotic Dance Central is  great place to take dance training. I took exotic dance courses and enjoy every bit of it. I’m totally more confidence to go audition.
Ashley Patterson, New York, N.Y.,
Had two hour party and had a blast, learned lots of great moves, music was great and instructor was very patient and helpful. She had us in awe as she worked the pole.
Samantha Scott, Queens, New York,
Hired dancers for our annual corporate holiday party, dancers were very talented and friendly. They put on an awesome performance. Looking forward to hiring them again.
Michael Corbin, New York, N.Y.,
Took party mistress instructor training course 3 months ago and started teaching right after training. I’m teaching parties every weekend, making great money and enjoying every bit of it.
Morgan Tilly, New York, N.Y.,

Best Adult Dance Classes NYC

Exotic Dance Central Is the Industry’s Leader Since 1999 offering  The Best Pole Dancing Classes NYC, Pole Dancing Party NYC, Exotic Dance Training NYC, Exotic Dancing Party NYC, Private Dance Instruction, Private Dance Lessons NYC, Adult Entertainment, Getaways NYC, Pole Dancing Instructor Certifications & So Much More!
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Finding Your Inner Goddess – Pole Dancing

Alieesah "The Exotic Dancing Diva" of Exotic Dance Central "SEXY DANCE EXPERT"

Twerk History

Twerk History FN 8-28-13 from Mike Straka on Vimeo.

Alieesah "The Exotic Dancing Diva" of Exotic Dance Central NYC "TWERK EXPERT"!