3 Perfect Parties For Women To Attend

By: Donyale Nicola, Exotic Dance Centralpole-dancing-parties-for-women-to-attend-bachelorette-party

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are the #1 parties for women to attend – it was made for the bride-to-be and all women to to display sexual freedom(think 1960’s sexual revolution) trading intimate secrets, getting drunk and fulfilling her fantasy of being a stripper at her private dance party – of course (no male strippers allowed)! Girls’ Only learning to dance on a stripper pole, stripper struttin in 6 inch stilettos, Striptease(Demi Moore) in feather boas, sparkling hats, lap dancing and twerking(Miley Cyrus VH1 Awards) working what her Mama gave her on the dance studio floor while her girls cheer her on. If you live in New York City a lucky guy may get a dance for a dollar! Tip: Just don’t tell the groom, it’ll ruin his honeymoon surprise. Bachelorette Parties Beware


Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are ‘The Best’ parties for any woman to attend – if only to show-off her latest fashion style! Honestly? Who wouldn’t want to  to attend a fun, sexy and stylish party with a feminine vibe? Well birthday parties at Exotic Dance Central has everything a girl wants – dance poles that sparkle like diamonds, outfits that may shimmy and shine and ‘Best of All’ learning sexy dance moves that show-off the Superwoman that you know you are! Now, that the birthday girl has all her girlfriends’ there  to honor the anniversary of her birth In-Style ‘What an amazing day that is’ with pink feather boas, chair dancing (Pussycat Dolls Style), twerk, twerking ‘like thunder, thunder, thunder that booty working while ‘keeping it stylish (Anaconda Nicki Minaj) hip rolling and kick-in it with “the kinda girl you like'(Partition Beyonce) who is fun and flirty at any age!


Girls Night Out Parties

The most popular parties for women to attend is the famous ‘Girls Night Out Parties’… Every woman deserves a fun girls’ only evening out dancing once in a while! Exotic Dance Central can help you plan your perfect girls night out and create your own unforgettable dance party experience, strap on your highest heels, boldest attitude and Sexy Confidence ready to master the art of exotic dance and celebrate–Girl’s night is the ‘Best Night Ever!’ for girls’ to enjoy quality time with their friends ‘an experience that guys just don’t truly understand.’ Okay, let’s be clear, 2 things girl’s night out is NOT about–exercise workout(NB Girls Night Out) get a gym buddy (Run, Run NOT So Fun) or drunk-in expo window shopping with vendors not quite there yet and beauty products of yester-year(Sheckys) Who?? Today’s woman no matter her age, shape or size wants to let her hair down-Shake It Off(Taylor Swift – 1989) and just dance like no one’s watching in her New York State of Mind and her girls by her side! Girls Night Out Party+Exotic Dance Party Central=There are NO rules to this ‘for girls’ who just wanna have FUN!’

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3 Perfect Parties For Women To Attend!

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