4 Reasons To Learn Dance Today

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Enjoy the sexiest dance classes in NYC to dance, burn calories, get fit and feel sexy

WRITTEN BY: Donyale Nicola

Here are 4 reasons to learn dance today: New York City is the city that never sleeps because New Yorkers are always dancing, but how do you find the right dance class to fit your grown and sexy style, personality or fitness level? That’s the questions I asked myself when I turned ‘legal’  old enough to attend a NYC house party or nightclub where they played sexy hip hop, r&b, rock or pop music and everyone was sexy dancing in high-heels not ballet slippers. So, when I wanted to learn what I saw @ those parties I couldn’t type in stripper, twerking, pole dancing or lap dancing classes until Exotic Dance Central that is, let’s celebrate #InternationalDanceDay

Exotic dance styles from around the world without leaving the City

Unless you are in the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake, a Vegas showgirl or on a world tour with Madonna you may not be getting your daily dose of sexy dancing. With Exotic Dance Central’s ever-growing popularity, where you can learn exotic dance styles from around the world that is strikingly and charmingly different without leaving NYC. Top Choices: Exotic Video Vixen, Ultimate Girls Night Out Experience or Ultimate Exotic Dance Party Experience

Meet the man of your dreams on the dance floor

Exotic dance allows you to find yourself on the dance floor and lose yourself at the right time in the arms of the man of your dreams.

Amateur exotic dance contest

A little friendly dance competition never hurt nobody especially when you’re an amateur, nobody really cares if you can’t dance well, just get up and pole, twerk or strip dance because you can.

Exotic dance for your lover

Need a little spice to entice your love life, relationships are not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to lap dance in the rain to your favorite love song.

Sexy Tip: Unless you are taking a dance certificate course as a dancer or instructor training to be a dance teacher all classes are designed for all fitness levels! No experience necessary to learn to dance and have a great time.

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