6 Things to Keep your Friendship or Relationship Interesting

Whether it’s a relationship or friendship, all bonds are built on TRUST. Without it you have NOTHING.

By: Donyale Nicola – Exotic Dance Central

Let’s face it, we all know that a true friend is hard to come by let alone (2) two that you keep for the long haul when times get tough, interest change or circumstances cause you to grow apart. So is it possible to have two (2) soul mates? Can (1) one be that girlfriend-your sexy bestie to the end? And the other be your (1) one and only life partner-your sexy forever lover? The secret to keeping and having both is very possible just by following the sameĀ  6 Things to Keep your Friendship or Relationship Interesting – Relationship advice for friends and lovers. Learn to dance, party and celebrate together below. Pssst it all comes together on the Night Out!!

Couple-Besties-Learn-to-Dance-TogetherLearn to dance and party together

Relationship-Bucketlist-Combined-ListMake a bucket list

Relationship-Friendship-Sexy-SelfiesTake lots of selfies

Girls-Night-Couple-Night-OutSchedule a girls night out and a couples night out

relationship-friendship-see-each-other-nakedLook at each other naked and have a laugh

friendship-relationship-advice-coachingHave a plan, get relationship advice and help from the Experts

You can have a bond that is strong and true! We ride together, we grind together, we laugh and cry together. Be more than just friends and lovers, Be Sexy Soul-Mates