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"Experts In The Art of Exotic Dance Since 1999"

Who Is Exotic Dance Central

Exotic Dance Central has broken through barriers in the dance industry since it’s inception in 1999 by being the first Dance Company, Dance School and Dance Studio to open a dance facility of its kind making the art of exotic dance and pole dancing acceptable and acknowledged as a recognizable art form in the dance and fitness industry by training and heightening the careers of many dancers, trainers and the personal development of everyday women.  We have trained thousands of students successfully over the course of 15 years and we are the only company that specializes in a full variety of sexy dance styles from exotic dancing, striptease, lap dancing, chair dancing, twerking, pole dancing and so much more. Our dance programs range from beginner to advance professional levels for students to grow successfully reaching their goals with the guidance and professional expertise of our dance instructors where all of our classes are held in dance facilities throughout NYC. We have created a fun non-judgmental and comfortable environment for students to Become Inspired, Entertained, Educated & Empowered In The Art of Exotic Dance!


Exotic-Dance-Central-Company-School-StudioExotic Dance Central is the leading New York City- based multicultural dance company that combines captivating visual arts and diverse exotic dance styles from around the world that are strikingly and charmingly different taking ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop and partner dance to the next level by incorporating the art of exotic dance and the athleticism of pole dancing. On stage our dancers are known for their passionate movements, daring intensity, visually intoxicating and awe-inspiring performances. Through performances, community outreach, courses and workshops Exotic Dance Central will continue to push creative boundaries, expand awareness and bridge the gap in the dance community to show that exotic dance is a multidisciplinary art form. With a core business that is built around great exotic dance performances and professional dancers.

Exotic_dance_schoolExotic Dance Central School is a cultural, social, and educational training facility founded in 1999 committed to providing women and men of all nationalities 18 & over the opportunity to receive professional dance training in the art of exotic dance and pole dance. We have a great performance development program for beginners new to the industry to learn the A to Z of being a successful dance performer. The dance school offers two programs professional and pre-professional. The professional program students must audition for acceptance and are enrolled in a yearly intensive dance training program of 4 semesters that end with EDC signature production stage shows that are performed in NYC and travel throughout the world. The pre-professional program allows students to specifically enroll in the 4wk course of their choice from go-go dancing, exotic dancing, pole dancing and much more. The dance school’s positive presence in New York, N.Y. offers students a comfortable and safe environment in which to explore and express themselves both emotionally and physically by helping them develop into contributing members of the entertainment industry. With the best dance instructors in the business we have and are helping to heighten the personal and professional lives of many dancers beyond measures. We hope to continue our growth with your help and support!

Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio was founded in 2004, by popular demand for everyday women of all nationalities, shapes and sizes to empower themselves through the art of exotic dance. The idea of the crossover from teaching professional entertainers in the adult entertainment industry to teaching everyday women came from a overwhelming amount of request by husbands and wives who took upon our entertainment services. Due to this popular demand Exotic Dance Central started offering private lessons which grew into small classes, large classes and into an a official dance studio just for women to learn the art of exotic dance for fun, fitness, sexual enhancement and overall empowerment. Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio has created a safe, friendly, comfortable and non-judgmental fun filled environment that offers group dance classes, private dance instruction and private parties.



  • NYC 1st and Only Dance Company, Dance School and Dance Studio Offering The Art of Exotic Dance Since 1999
  • Most Talented, World Re-Known, Sexy and Skilled Dance Instructors Certified in Exotic Dance Central Technique
  • Quality Group and Private Dance Instruction for Personal and Professional Growth
  • Most Variety of Exotic Dance Instruction for Beginner to Advanced Level Students
  • Best State of The Art Dance Facilities Conveniently Located Throughout NYC
  • Top of the Line Quality Service at A Competitive Price


Meet The Experts

Artistic Director

Alieesah Williams

Artistic Director, Choreographer & Dancer

Alieesah Williams is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer at Exotic Dance Central. She artistically creates new dance moves and has taught some of the most well- known dancers and performers in the contemporary dance and pole dance community in the United States and abroad since 1999. Alieesah’s mission is to celebrate human potential by inspiring her dance students and and audiences to live, love and embrace their sensuality and creative force through the art of exotic dance styles from around the world that are strikingly and charmingly different. Alieesah is known for her fierce originality, vision, sensuality, daring intensity and emotional depth in studio as well as on-stage. For this, and for her inspiring message of living life fearlessly and passionately, Alieesah has recently been on FUSE TV as an expert of dance trends and the History of Twerking, prominently featured in the Daily News: Dancing like the Stars and New York Times. She has received radio praise on the Steve Harvey Show and Michael Baisden Show. Additionally Alieesah was interviewed by, Complete Chocolate Couples and appeared on BET: The 5ives featured as 1 out of 5 hottest people in dance and places to learn to dance in New York City.
Artistic Director & Choreographer – Alieesah Williams is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of Exotic Dance Central Dance Company. She also provides choreography for stage shows and performances.
Dance Teacher & Master Instructor – Alieesah Williams is responsible for training dancers, designing dance programs, creating new dance moves and teaching dance classes for beginner to advanced dancers for personal, professional development and performance.
  • New York, N.Y.
  • 917-742-6674
  • alieesah@exoticdancecentral.com

Talent Manager

Donyale Nicola

CEO, Talent Manager, Writer & Producer

Donyale Nicola is a professional and accomplished talent manager and event planner. Donyale is the “Dream Maker” the creative mind behind any dynamic movement. She has a strong appreciation for dance and is a lover of the arts. She has the unique ability of making anyone feel the impossible is possible. Donyale lives by her motto ” Dreams come TRUE, when they are put into ACTION, by building a good TEAM, at the right TIME, together we can create a MASTERPIECE. Donyale Nicola is very focused and skilled in artist development, writing, event planning and show production. Her successful track record of delivering exceptional results in the field of entertainment through a combination of fierce determination and passion to succeed has heightened the careers of many dancers and performers for professional development and performance for over 15 years.
CEO – Donyale Nicola is responsible for overseeing public relations and customer service, sales, marketing and promotions, quality control and staff management.
Talent Manager – Donyale Nicola is a personal Manager, who guides the career of talent/artists in the entertainment business. She is responsible for overseeing the day to day business affairs of talent/artist; Donyale Nicola provides advice and counsel about professional matters and personal decisions which may affect their career.
Writer and Producer – Donyale Nicola is a creative writer who produces stage show performances.
  • New York, N.Y.
  • 917-742-6674
  • dnp@exoticdancecentral.com
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