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Alieesah Williams


About Alieesah

Alieesah Williams is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer at Exotic Dance Central. She artistically creates new dance moves and has taught some of the most well- known dancers and performers in the contemporary dance and pole dance community in the United States and abroad since 1999. Alieesah’s mission is to celebrate human potential by inspiring her dance students and and audiences to live, love and embrace their sensuality and creative force through the art of exotic dance styles from around the world that are strikingly and charmingly different. Alieesah is known for her fierce originality, vision, sensuality, daring intensity and emotional depth in studio as well as on-stage. For this, and for her inspiring message of living life fearlessly and passionately, Alieesah has recently been on FUSE TV as an expert of dance trends and the History of Twerking, prominently featured in the Daily News: Dancing like the Stars and New York Times. She has received radio praise on the Steve Harvey Show and Michael Baisden Show. Additionally Alieesah was interviewed by, Complete Chocolate Couples and appeared on BET: The 5ives featured as 1 out of 5 hottest people in dance and places to learn to dance in New York City.

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Alieesah Williams is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the artistic vision and focus of Exotic Dance Central Dance Company. She also provides choreography for stage shows and performances.

Dance Teacher & Master Instructor

Alieesah Williams is responsible for training dancers, designing dance programs, creating new dance moves and teaching dance classes for beginner to advanced dancers for personal, professional development and performance.

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