Ballet Goes Vertical With Pole Dancing

ballet-vertical-pole-dancingExotic Dance Central Dance Studio in New York City is a sexy, yet artistic and healthy, dance studio for women, men and couples. We don’t teach ballet in the traditional sense but you can learn vertical ballet which is term we’re giving for pole dancing if your interested in the art of exotic dance. In this dance environment just like any other, you can meet up with friends or connect with new like-minded people very similar to a community of ballet dancers. Exotic Dance Central is much more than just a New York City dance studio. At Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio New York City you have a wide variety of sexy dance classes to choose from in our exotic dance studio or pole dancing studio. We want You to Exotic Dance Your Way…. Get Fit – Feel Sexy – Have Fun or just because you LOVE to DANCE! 7 days a week we offer several fitness based dance classes and dance party classes which are perfect for private parties. With a variety of dance studios,  private loft spaces and performance arts theaters that are used for dance classes, private dance parties and performances. Check out for ‘Features and Promotions’ at Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio New York City and to view the dance class schedule and private dance party options.

vertical-ballet-dance-class-for-adultsIf you want to take ballet dance class make sure you also sign-up to Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio dance classes in New York City after ballet for an adult fitness based dance class. Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio New York City has exciting and highly effective dance based classes that are fun and entertaining fitness workouts. Choose from pole dancing, exotic dance, booty work, lap dancing and the art of striptease. And if you want to enhance your fitness workout try pole calisthenics, stiletto fit and booty camp dance classes. Exotic Dance Central Dance studio is also a party destination. Your party function can be intimate or large as Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio caters to occasions of almost any size. Please make sure to book early to ensure availability and space for your next event. Simply phone Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio at 212-679-2540 or select ‘Parties‘ from the Home Page at to make an online inquiry.

Ballet-Professional-Vertical-Pole DancingIf you are a bachelorette or birthday girl and your friends enjoy dance and fitness think Pole Dancing instead of ballet. Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio has dance poles and feather boas for all of you to enjoy, which means you can really make a girls night out of it in New York City, if you so desire. Exotic Dance Central Dance Studio in New York City also offers you the opportunity to improve and intensify your dance training and technique of Pole Dance and Exotic Dancing with private dance lessons at Exotic Dance Central School. Exotic Dance Central School is a cultural, social and educational dance training facility committed to providing women and men of all nationalities 18 years and over the opportunity to receive professional dance training in the art of exotic dance and pole dancing. If you have ever thought of becoming a performer or entertainer like Magic Mike, Burlesque or Show Girls before, Exotic Dance Central School is a great place to start. Learning pole dancing in a non-judgmental and fun environment with adults in high heels and costumes beats ballet as entertainment any day.