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Exotic Dance Central School

Exotic Dance Central School is a cultural, social and educational training facility committed to providing women and men of all nationalities the opportunity to receive professional dance training in the art of exotic dance. The dance school offers educational workshops, group certificate dance courses and private one-on-one dance lessons.

Dance Programs

EDCS offers professional dance training in exotic dancing, pole dancing, go go dancing and much more for aspiring dancers and current dancers to learn and enhance their dance skills. Sign Up Now

Dance Jobs

EDCS offers a variety of job placement opportunities available to their students upon successful completion of their dance training courses. All dancers must pass an audition to be fully accepted! Apply Now

Exotic Dance Shop

EDCS offers a variety of products for dancers from footwear, club wear, gowns, costumes, accessories and so much more. Shop Online Now

Our Services


Learn How To Become A Thousand Dollar Dancer! Exotic Dance Central offers the best workshops from top professionals in the industry to educate dancers about how to get started as a dancer, how to create your own brand, financial planning and so much more.

Group Certificate Dance Courses

Our group certificate dance courses are for students who need to learn dance technique and routine based choreography who may or may not have prior exotic dance training to take 4 wk. dance courses and receive a certificate of completion.

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are customized to each dancers needs to enhance skill, learn choreography, strength training, flexibility and ultimately reach your dance goals in one or more specialty areas.


EDC is dedicated to helping dancers develop their brand, highlight their talents and grow as a successful and professional dance performer through true artist development with our management services.


EDC dance school provides quality photography services for all of our students to build their dance portfolios making them more competitive in the adult entertainment industry.


EDC dance school provides quality videography services for all of our students to build their dance video portfolios making them more competitive in the adult entertainment industry.

Why Choose Us

Dance curriculum was designed to meet the diverse needs of our students with a balance of quality dance instruction, hands-on dance technique, flexibility to develop their own sense of style and creative dance skills.
Dancers work directly with a professional development team that helps them create a solid business plan, make attainable goals and make sense of what it takes to be a successful performer through workshops.
Dance community integration and being exposed to an on-going learning environment with people of the same or varied dance disciplines allow dancers to be more focused, creative and competitive in their chosen field of dance.
Exotic dance is about freedom of movement and creative expression for personal and professional development and growth. Exotic Dance Central is the first and only industry leaders providing a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental environment for students to exercise their creative voice through the art of exotic dance.

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