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Are you looking to learn the sexy styles of exotic dance to spice up your relationship, to find your sexy self and become sexy confident or want to enhance your skills to make more money as a performer? Exotic Dance Central offers a variety of Exotic Dance Workshops and Motivational Workshops for women, men and couples. Our workshops are a great way for us to educate, entertain and empower you in the art of Exotic Dance.

Ultimate Exotic Dancer Intensive WorkShop

(2)Days (3Hrs Each Day)  Now is the time to prepare yourself to become a successful dancer making top dollar. This two day intensive workshop will teach you everything you need to know about the industry with a variety of career development workshops in addition to providing you with multiple dance styles and techniques to help you sell your dances. This workshop is an overall intensive that will cover every aspect of what you will need as a new dancer or a continuing dancer who wants to enhance your skills and knowledge to be the best performer making top dollar.

Go Go Dance WorkShop

Intensive Go Go Dance WorkShop For Dancers  Our Go Go Dance Training is for aspiring go go dancers to learn and for current go go dancers to enhance their go go dance choreography skills to dance go go on any stage in the world.

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