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Donyale Nicola

Talent Manager

Donyale Nicola

CEO, Talent Manager, Writer & Producer


About Donyale

Donyale Nicola is a professional and accomplished talent manager and event planner. Donyale is the “Dream Maker” the creative mind behind any dynamic movement. She has a strong appreciation for dance and is a lover of the arts. She has the unique ability of making anyone feel the impossible is possible. Donyale lives by her motto ” Dreams come TRUE, when they are put into ACTION, by building a good TEAM, at the right TIME, together we can create a MASTERPIECE. Donyale Nicola is very focused and skilled in artist development, writing, event planning and show production. Her successful track record of delivering exceptional results in the field of entertainment through a combination of fierce determination and passion to succeed has heightened the careers of many dancers and performers for professional development and performance for over 15 years.

Donyale’s Experience

CEO – Donyale Nicola is responsible for overseeing public relations and customer service, sales, marketing and promotions, quality control and staff management.
Talent Manager – Donyale Nicola is a personal Manager, who guides the career of talent/artists in the entertainment business. She is responsible for overseeing the day to day business affairs of talent/artist; Donyale Nicola provides advice and counsel about professional matters and personal decisions which may affect their career.
Writer and Producer – Donyale Nicola is a creative writer who produces stage show performances.

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