Leap for it: 5 Proven Sexy Dance Moves To Make This Extra Day More Special

What’s the fastest way to your man’s heart?

What sexy dance moves do you have to do to capture his attention?

Let’s face it, “men are visual creatures” and most will say one dimensional(think tunnel vision) when it comes to there wants and likes, so ladies pull a chair, no pen and paper necessary from Exotic Dance Central Experts in the Art of Exotic Dance are going to provide you with the tips of the trade one flash photo at a time. Ladies remember the 5 rules to be his “Ultimate”  trigger with the Art of Exotic Dance.


Pole Dancing: The sight of Money raining on or over a sexy body while doing a sexy pole dance is trigger #1


Sexy Sensual Dancing: Give the man his Sports don’t take the game away, be his private half-time then get down to your bare minimums with sexy exotic dance is trigger #2


Twerking: Men are turned on by Nudity and seeing sex happen, be his partner in porn twerk and booty work performance is trigger #3


Strip-Tease Dancing: A man loves Comedy, share in his sense of humor make him laugh and he will make you cry with joy after your strip-tease dance is trigger #4


Lap Dancing: The sight of Food looks better in a man’s mind than his stomach after a mouth watering lap dance is trigger #5

These highly effective tips will play out like flash cards in his mind to seal the deal if you do it right at the right time.

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