Miley Cyrus Wanna Be A Stripper Outfits for the VMAs

Miley Cyrus-Nip-Slip-MTV-VMA

Miley’s Flashing Boob Effect! Was it a curtain call malfunction?, Or a purposely orchestrated #FreeTheNipple the Scandal!

By: Donyale Nicola of Exotic Dance Central


The future of music and fashion is bare it all. MTV Video Music Awards threw the conservative route out the window or should we say behind the curtain with Miley Cyrus as their host. This kicks off Exotic Dance Central’s #EverybodyWannaBeAStripper Award Show Chronicles!

miley-cyrus-VMAs-Bare-FutureThis outfit by far has to be strangest in a sexy sorta taste the rainbow skittles or space balls on transparent plastic kinda way. Ditch the classic trench coat, ladies surprise office visit this is the Ultimate Dance for your Lover, futuristic stripper must have with Asian-esque glasses to match. I think we’ll call this one ‘Hello Dottie’. With the audience at her feet can they see under her dots? Please comment, tell me what you think?


Take me to Tinseltown in this Miley stripper outfit. Perfect for Flashdance movie remake or musical ladies who need to prepare for auditions or get choreography to rock this ensemble I’ve got you covered, Exotic dance Central has a private lesson for that.


Miley, Miley I think Mrs. Claus would totally have a problem with you being Santa’s little helper in this outfit, it’s missing some material. But it’s great for the VMAs! Has the audience been naughty or nice? Come Sit on Mama’s Lap Dancing for Couples.


We have to finish it off with the Donatella Versace original Everybody Wanna Be A Stripper outfit. That is probably the most expensive silver straight from Showgirls, a real chandelier reaction in the world of fashion,  it looks multi-functional! Perfect outfit for a Sexy Selfie private lesson to help a Sex Goddess in the making feel SEXY CONFIDENT. What do you think?


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