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Project Description

Exotic Dance Training

Exotic Dance Central School offers The Art of Exotic Dance Training for aspiring dancers to learn and for current dancers to enhance their exotic dance and choreography skills. Our classes are small with 8 to 12 students to provide more on-on-one attention and are housed in professional dance studio taught by our professional and experienced exotic dancing diva instructors from all over the world who are ready willing and able to teach you the best choreography and prepare you to put on an exotic dance performance on any stage in the world.

Exotic Dance Course Levels

Exotic Dance Course Level 1(Basic Technique)

This 90 min 4wk course will take you through the sexy art of flirting fundamentals, how to walk in your heels, basic exotic dance moves from hip work, body motions, booty wurk, sensual floorwork and striptease techniques while learning musicality and good stage presence. At the end of this course students will receive a certificate of completion and will be prepared to sign up to exotic dance level two choreography course.

Exotic Dancing Level 2(Choreography)

This 90 min 4wk course will explore the art of musicality with a variety of choreography variations that will be taught every week including stage presence and crowd pleasing gestures. At the end of this course students will receive a certificate of completion and will receive an invite for Exotic Dance Central Dance Company next audition for immediate job placement.

Price & Schedule

Exotic Dance Course-$240 (4)90Mins Classes, each level is $240 per course per person, Exotic Dance Training Course is held from January-May and September-November throughout the year. This course is not offered from June-August, Sign Up to our Intensive Training Private Lesson Package

Class Attire

Bottoms (Shorts Or Leggings), Top (Tank Top) and Stiletto Heels or Boots

Auditions & Job Placement

EDC Dance Company holds auditions monthly throughout the year for dancers to join their dance and entertainment company. All students who successful complete any of EDC professional certificate courses their name and contact information will be added to our database. When EDC Dance Company holds their monthly auditions you will receive an invitation for an opportunity to audition.

How To Register

Submit a request by filling out the form below, You will get a confirmation email within 24hrs of your approval with a link to register and pay online by credit card to secure your space in the next available course. Please note only clients who have paid are guaranteed a spot in the class! We do not allow walk-ins and we do not accept payment upon arrival on the day of class only advance payments. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable! Please note we do not offer make-up classes for pro-level dance training courses. Please make sure you check your schedule before committing.

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