Learn Pole Dancing Prescription

By: Donyale Nicola of Exotic Dance Central

Learn Pole Dancing Prescription

COMMON USE OF POLE DANCING: Pole dancing is a form of exotic dance practiced to have fun, get fit, build confidence, feel empowered or to celebrate a special occasion like a bachelorette, birthday or girls night out private dance party, learn pole dancing at a reputable dance company, dance school or dance studio like Exotic Dance Central. It is also used for entertainment and performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs or performed in cabaret, circus and stage performances in a non-erotic environment. For a FREE CONSULTATION or CALL: 212-679-2540


BEFORE TAKING POLE DANCING: WARNING: pole dancing is extremely addictive, once you get started you won’t want to stop. (List of priorities)

Pole Dancing: It just does NOT know how to share it consumes you and all of your free time.
Job: You Must Choose (part-time or full-time)Pole dancing will make you question your long-term objectives. YOU WILL EXPLORE POLE DANCING JOB OPPORTUNITIES.
Relationship: If you already have that special someone, they better know how to keep you POLE happy.
Starting a Family: Unfortunately will be last on your list (once you are pole dance confident, pole dance fit and financially pole dance ready you may want to consult with your significant other).


To learn pole dancing requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. TAKE POLE DANCING FROM A PROFESSIONAL ONLY SOME FACILITIES MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR POLE DANCING, liability insurance, first aid and CPR certifications are required to teach. Pole dancing is for women and men of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TAKING POLE DANCING or any other form of fitness and activity. Additional monitoring and intensive training may be necessary to achieve optimal performance and technique.

HOW TO USE POLE DANCING: Follow your instructor’s directions. Do not take pole dancing on an empty stomach, take classes or party 1-2 hours prior to eating to avoid nausea, DO NOT TAKE POLE DANCING, If you are intoxicated or heavily medicated. Make sure to bring a bottle of water to pole dancing and stay hydrated. You can wear high heel shoes 2″-6″ inches, bare feet or sneakers, no socks, yoga pants, shorts or leggings a tank top or t-shirt. Pole Dancing is an ART and athletic sport, however it has been know to cause bruising and pole burn.


CAUTIONS: DO NOT TAKE POLE DANCING IF you are allergic to having fun and getting fit. Tell your instructor if you are pregnant, had any recent surgeries, back hand, leg or foot injuries.

POSSIBLE POLE DANCING SIDE EFFECTS: NO COMMON SIDE EFFECTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED with proper training in pole dancing. Trouble sleeping, eating and concentrating on anything not pole dance related may occur.

OVERDOSE: If pole dancing overdose is suspected, contact your pole dancing school or instructor immediately, Symptoms of pole dancing overdose may include watching excessive Youtube videos, unexpected visits to the nearest strip club, running to local parks at odd hours of the day or riding the train at odd hours of the night.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DO NOT SHARE POLE DANCING with others who are not worthy of your time, talent or others whom it was not prescribed. KEEP POLE DANCING out of the reach of children, it has great fitness benefits, however can be sexually suggestive due to the nature of the activity. If pole dancing is taught to children under 18 years of age parental consent is required. IF YOU WILL BE POLE DANCING FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, be sure to obtain necessary membership and refills before your classes run out.

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