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Exotic Dance Central Reviews

This page list testimonials from our students who have taken professional and public dance classes, dance training, dance parties, booked our entertainment and have taken our instructor training courses. So take your time and enjoy as you read through Exotic Dance Central Reviews!


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I really enjoyed the class. It gave me a different view of being sexy!! I will be returning for more classes and I’m definitely getting a pole in my house lol
Rachel Gibbs, Student
It was such a great experience to have my birthday celebration with you guys. My ladies and I had a ball and it was a dream come true for us. I am happy to recommend this company to my friends, family and colleagues.
Taiesha Abrams, Student
My event was a success. Thank you EDC for having professional and fun dance instructors. Alieesah was great! My girls had a wonderful time. Looking forward to taking more classes in the future
Nicole Jones, Student
It was a great experience… Don’t mind to do this again
Janet Afolabi,
Great class. Instructor makes you feel comfortable regardless of your level of experience
Tanya Blanchette, Student
Excellent choreography and teaching style.
Alectis Peregrino, Student
Always wanted to try exotic dance, so took EDC introductory 101 class and I’m hooked, class was awesome and instructor was sexy, fun and helpful I signed right up to goddess and pole course, I’m so excited.
Nicole, Student
I booked a private lesson so I could learn how to do a private lap dance for my husband’s birthday, instructor was great, she taught me a sexy dance routine and helped me build my confidence, My performance was a success. I will be back!
Tracy, Student
Took go go dancing course, got a great work-out, learned a lot of choreography, how to dance to all types of music especially dance electric music, also had an opportunity to audition for company and I am working every week. Great Training! Thxs
Asada, New York, New york
My sister took me and 4 of my friends to EDC for the exotic dancer 101 workshop for my birthday. We have a good time, learned a lot of areas from pole dancing, lap dancing, twerkin, it was a lot of fun but we were tired afterward. Looks really easy but some of the moves were difficult at first but our instructor Aleesha was patient and fun.
Sasha, Harriman, New York
I have been a exotic dancer for a little over 6 months and needed help with pole tricks. I took the four week pole dancing course and learned a lot of pole tricks that also helped me to get in better shape due to the intense workout. I built a lot of strength in my arms, legs and stomach. I’m glad I took the course because I would have not learned how to do these moves properly i was killing myself trying to just copy other girls in the club. The instructor Aliesha was great, very patient, helpful and supportive. I now take private lessons every week and love it.
Jessica, Brooklyn, New York
I took the lap dancing workshop with a few friends and we had a blast, great work-out, instructor was a lot of fun and so sexy plus we learned a full dance routine.
Trina, Monroe, New York
Took go go dancing course and it was great. I got a good work-out, some hot dance moves and learn a lot about go go dancing,  It Works!
Samantha , Brooklyn, New York
I loved my stripper experience, was fun, a lot work, hats off to my strippers they deserve every dollar. I gotta do this again
Monica, New Jersey
I love your pole dancing courses and I think Alieesah is wonderful. I’m looking forward to future(advance classes)already!
Josie, New York
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